The brief
UKTI presented us with the challenge to come up with an innovative way to grab young entrepreneurs attention. 
The Goal
We created one of the world’s very first EEG games – a multi-player spaceship race that was powered by brainwaves. Players competed with one another to power their uniquely British spaceship through clouds of debris, and be the first to arrive at an orbiting space station. The Sirius competition was looking for the best minds in the world, and this game was another way of demonstrating it.
The audience
This audience – top students and grad students at the top universities all over the world – is used to the normal sales pitch. They aren’t shy on opportunities, and they need something that stands out from the crowd. Plus, they’re competitive – they like being the best.
The idea
We came up with a game where the players could control a spaceships speed and direction using their concentration and state of mind. If you weren't concentrating the spaceship would slow down and if you were nervous or tense the spaceship would collide against different objects.
The goal was to reach your destination in the shortest amount of time. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The results
The headsets and screen travelled all over the world, causing queues everywhere they went and getting thousands of people to sign up for more information about the programme.

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